How to choose a automatic cat feeder?

Every day in the morning, you have to get up early to feed your beloved cat. Your job requires you to travel a lot, or maybe traveling is just your hobby but you can’t bring your pet. You have to work a day long and don’t have enough time for caring your pet. These make you get in trouble. In contrast, one of the best solutions is getting any one of the best automatic cat feeders on

For household has a cat as a pet, there is a recommended thing, it is an automatic cat feeder dispenser and cat drink fountains. While you only can personally feed your cats during your free time, and assign a spot to put the container of pellets, it is more convenient to use a cat feeder instead to automate this task.

There are plenty of types of products on the market, and some of them can be programmed and configured without doing anything else except using your mobile phone. To find out what is the best automatic cat feeders, it’s necessary for you to answer these questions below:

How many pets are there in your household?

how many petYou can purchase a feeder after considering the number of pets. Buying separately automated feeders for different pets is highly recommended.

How strong and big is your pet?

There are a lot of feeders out there. This can make you get in trouble when you need to get the best automatic cat feeder. Some are made for big pets (permitting them to hold and dispense food the more) while some are more suitable for the smaller ones.

An automatic unit with a timer is a suitable choice in case you have an overweight pet. It will set a limitation for the time it eats and the amount of food. This type of feeder helps you to feed the pet in the healthiest diet.

Is it really Suitable for your Cats?

Is it really Suitable for your Cats

There are feeders which are used for each type of pet. Those made for cats might actually work for dogs that are small, but you need to understand that the bodies of canines and felines are playing an important role in providing your pet the special care.

By this means, you must be on the lookout for which type of pet a feeder is made for, to be on the safer side, so you and come to the conclusion which is the best automatic cat feeder.

Is it needed to consider the Efficiency and Capacity of the Feeder?

Are you sure that the feeders’ capacity is fine? It is necessary to pay attention to this and then note it, so you won’t have to refill it now and then. It should be possible to hold and dispense a suitable amount of food if you have many types of pets. An airtight hopper is important if the foods are going to be stored inside the feeder for a long-term plan.

A significant factor is consideration of the shapes of your kibble. Certain feeders transmit foods via a tube before pouring it. If the kibble you use is too large to let it go through, there are many ways to make it work. A round shaped feeder works very well, while a square (or other shapes) might get the kibble stuck inside the tube.

Canister filter: some information about this device. 

When buying an aquarium, it is necessary to buy a filter for the tank as well. It will help keep your aquarium clean and give the fish a healthy environment to flourish. However, do you really know how it works and what you need to know to keep the filter going for long? In this article, we will explain you in details the mechanism of a canister filter, how maintain it and provide you with some important information about it.


Canister filter does it job by drawing out dirty water from the aquarium, pushing them through many layers of filtration. Depend on what you want; the water can be filtered chemically, biologically or mechanically.


The direction is also different from models to models ranging from top to bottom, bottom to top to center-out and back to front.

The outcome of that is clean water which is then pumped back into the tank. Some models pump the water back to the tank using a built-in pump; others do it by using a separate pump.


Depend on the model of the filter, the filtration media, the amount of work required for maintenance will be different. Make sure that you know which types of media needs rinsing with regularity and which types need replacing once in a while. You can also check the instruction to know the recommended infiltration media for your machine and choose accordingly so that your machine functions most effectively.


In addition to that, you will need to check the pump and the tubes of your filter, a routine check is highly recommended. If they are dirty, you can clean them using the cleaning kits which you can find at your local pet store. If they do not function properly, refer to the instructions issued by the manufacturer and fix it immediately or your fish will get it.


A good canister means that you are able to customize the filtration media and not the pre-customized one by the manufacturers. Nothing will stay the same forever so choosing a fixed media won’t bring you any good in the long term.

A canister filter will usually require less maintenance work than its counterpart, power filters. Hence, unless you require lots of power, a canister filter is always highly recommended as it will save you time, energy and money.

Replace carbon in the filter regularly. This is because carbon and waste together will cause the machine to release toxin into your tank, which will be lethal to your fish.

The machine can filter the water biologically, chemically or mechanically. Hence, depend on your need; you should take advantage of them as much as possible.

That was it from us. We hope that this was of use to you. If you want to know more useful information like these, please take a look at our website. You will find lots of interesting articles like articles on finding the best aquarium canister filter or types of aquarium filter.


How to watch movies online with English subtitles 

In today post, we’re going to show you how to watch your favorite movies online with English subtitles. Here are a few methods that might help you. I’m going to divide this into two cases in which I’m gonna show you the quickest possible way. Here we go.

You have the movies but don’t have a subtitle.

It’s is the most disturbing situation when you’ve downloaded the movie then find out that it has no sub on it. What are we supposed to do? Watch a movie without any subtitle on it and pretend like we have a clue of what’s happening in the movie? Well, guys, I’ve been in this situation for as long as I start watching movies online (or offline). The best solution is we find a subtitle for the movie. And the most popular sources are Isubtitles, Movies subtitles, and YIFY Subtitles. Or, you can find other sources by googling the word “movies subtitles”.

You have the movies

After you’ve done finding the sub, use your media player, which I recommend using VLC or ACE player. They’re the best software for watching videos and streaming online content. Click on the video options button, choose add subtitles. And you’re good to go.

Watch movies online.

This one is rather a much simple way. All you need is a good and stable internet connection, an Internet-connecting device like a laptop or smartphone, some popcorn and drinks, and a couch for extra relaxation. But wait, I’m I missing something here? Ah, we need a good movie site that has lots of movies with English subtitle on it. Where could we possibly find this kind of site? The answer is very simple, you just need to click on this see free movies online sites list button and the magic will happen.

I’m kidding, it’s another post on my site where I’ve listed all the good free movies sites that I usually watch movies at. They’re all completely free, you just need to add some extra time watching and closing ads on them. It’s a simple tribute to the site owners I think. And I’m not annoyed by these ads at all. If you’re watching on a website that is completely free and there are no ads, then you should be worried about your privacy. They could be sneaking and following your activities online or hacking your data. At least that’s my wife told me.

That’s it. Thanks guys for reading my post and hope you enjoy reading it. See you on my next ones.

How to buy the best power bank?

With the advancement of smartphone nowadays, they can do a lot more than just simple calling and texting. However, that also requires lots of power and not every phone can last for as long as their owner wants. Hence, more and more people are buying a power bank so that they can use their phone much longer wherever they are. In this article, we will give you some tips to choose right portable power bank for your needs.

Power bank



This means the mAh number. The higher it is, the more power your power bank can have. Some can charge your phone 3 or 4 times, some can go as high as 10 times. Of course it would require more money but if you are a fan of big thing, it is the right price to pay.

Energy efficient


Energy efficient

Nothing functions with 100% efficiency and that goes for power banks as well. The standard is around 60 to 70% and if it doesn’t say so on the product, you can understand like that as well. For a more avid user, there is also one that is 90% efficiency as well. Combine with the factors above and you will know exactly how much power your power bank has.


Some banks also offers many USB ports for charging or even other additional ports for other stuff as well. This will allow you to charge multiple phones at once, which is very convenient, I’d say.

Solar panel

If you live in a tropical area, this one might be the perfect one. Instead of using your home electricity, this charge refill itself simply by feeding the unlimited amount of sunshine. However, I’d recommend buying something with a battery built inside so that you can use it even in rainy season.




Some batteries are cleverly designed so that they can hold lots of power with a very compact size. Some are even designed to be rainproof or even waterproof just in case you accidentally leave it out in the falling rain. An ideal power bank for me is the one that fits nicely in my pocket and can sustain some physical contact once in a while.

Passthrough charging

Some banks even have this function. This means charging your phone and the banks at the same time. Cheap power banks will charge the device until it is full first while slowly charge itself. Others will charge the two of them with the same speed at the same time.

Auto on and off

This means that the charging will begin automatically when plugged and stop when your device battery hits 100%.  This is a useful stuff to have as it will conserve your bank energy so that you can use it for longer.

Built-in torch

You can even use it as a flashlight but I don’t highly recommend it as you would be better off with a real flashlight. However, if you think it’s cool to have, then go for it. It’s important that you are happy with what you buy.

Some common house repair jobs


House caring can be a bit challenging. However, not all of them always require the work of a professional. Sometimes, you can do the fixing yourself, which help you take better care of your living space and save a lot of money. Here are some simple repair jobs that you can do:

Drawer slide

Drawer slides


If you have to use all your power to pull this thing out or to push it back in, the problem might lie in the sliding track. If you don’t want pull it apart sooner or later, then you should do something about it. What you should do is replacing the drawer slide with the exact new one. This consists of unscrewing the bolt on the old one and screw the new one right on it. Remember to align them with the old ones, otherwise, the drawer can’t slide open.

Cracks on driveway

These cracks will make your driveway look hideous and, if left for prolonged period, they might become bigger. To fix this, clear the cracks of dirt or debris and any weeds inside, vacuum with small nozzle or herbicide should do it. After that, fill the crack with sand and pack it tight. Then add a crack filter or cold patch. Lastly, seal the driveway so that all of your work does not go in vain.

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink


Two common problems can happen with this, either the sink is clogged or there is leakage on the pipe. As for the former, you just have to unscrew the pipe underneath and drag everything in it out. This will let the water drain freely again.

For the latter, you can either patch the leak part using black tape or you can replace it with a new one. Just unscrew the white rings (technical term P strap), take it out, put the new one in and screw it back on.

Holes on walls

This is due to drilling and hammering nails into the wall to hang pictures or something. These can make your house look aesthetically unpleasant. To fill up these holes, create a mixture of Portland cement, lime and sand. Mix them thoroughly and stuff them into the hole and use sandpaper to flatten the surface. The finished product might not match the color of your wall but with time, it will.

That was it from us. We hope you found this article useful. If you want more articles like this, here is the link to our website, please click to see more.

How to incubate chicken egg at home

Hatching an egg maybe one of the most magical things in this world. In the old days, we have to put a lot of effort for the chicks to be born. And we wouldn’t be able to do it without a hen. But modern technology has proved that there is nothing that it couldn’t do. With the best home egg incubator on thehomejudge, hatching chicks have become so much easier than before. And in this guide, I’m going to show you how to properly incubate chicken egg at home.

Prepare egg incubator


Step 1: Setting things up

  • Prepare the incubator: Before you incubate the eggs, it is necessary to clean the inside of the incubator to guarantee a sanitized environment for the eggs. You could use bleach or other sanitation products for the cleaning process.
  • Prepare other devices: A thermometer, a humidity meter, and a glass of water are essential items that you must not forget.
  • After this, let’s move on to the next steps.
Choosing the eggs


Step 2: Choosing the eggs

  • Now it’s really important to choose the right fertile eggs because this will determine the hatch ratio of the incubation. Your fertile egg should have a normal size and shape without any abnormal signs. The color should be white-brown or white, if the color isn’t from these two then there is a big chance that the egg is bad. And you shouldn’t use it.
  • Don’t choose eggs that have cracks on its shells. If you have to do it, you could fix the crack with some wax.
  • And don’t forget to clean the egg before putting it inside the incubator. Be careful not to damage the cuticle shield of the egg. Only use trusted product that has been recommended by experts. Wipe the eggs with a towel and put them in the incubator.

Step 3: Incubate egg

  • After you’ve done preparing all the components, start turning the incubator on and set the right temperature and humidity. For the first 18 days, the perfect temperature for incubating chicken eggs is 99.5oF and the humidity is 40 to 50 percent. And after that, you should lower the temperature and increase the humidity since at this stage the eggs become hotter than usual. You could out a cup of water inside to increase the humidity.
  • Constantly check the humidity and temperature inside to make sure things are alright. If there are sudden changes inside or outside, you need to make quick decisions to avoid the damage.
  • Remember to turn the egg 12-24 times a day in the first 18 days. If you leave the eggs unturned for too long, it could damage the embryo inside and decrease the hatch ratio. A small tip to help you turn the egg easier is to mark one side of the egg with an “X” mark. That way, you’ll know which side has been turned. You’ll need to keep turning the eggs until the 18th day and after that, you don’t have to do it anymore. Just wait for the chicks to settle down inside until it hatches.
Prepare to hatch


Step 4: Prepare for hatching

  • To prepare for your chicks, you should cover the incubate room with straw to make a nest for the chicks. After hatching, the chicks still need sometimes to get used to the new environment. If the outside environment is too rough, they could get sick or worst.


  • Incubate chicken egg is a process that requires you to put in a lot of effort and time. But the results are always so satisfying, especially when you get the chance to watch little chicks say their first “hello” to the world.

Free movies online sites list

Watching movies is the best time to spend your time while you are alone. However, if you are like me, you will want to watch them right at the comfort of your own home. There are two ways to do it: you can either rent a DVD or you can watch your movies live stream online. I prefer the latter one and here are the top ten website that allow you to do so.

Free movies site list



All types of films from all countries all over the world. This site also contains a huge selection of shows for your personal viewing such as: The Flash, Fresh off the boat, Big Bang Theory, The Magician, etc. You can even watch all of them on your personal handheld device like ipad, ipod, or your smartphone.


Free movies


Here, you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and enjoy an unlimited amount of live stream movies. Apart from being free, this site doesn’t even ask you to register. This will save you the hassle of typing in your account name every time you want to watch something. The movies are categorized in genre, time, length, etc. so that you can find what you are looking for much easier.


At this website, you can watch any movies for free without registration, be it in SD or HD. They also have a wide arrange of TV series, shows and movies series for your personal entertainment. Therefore, this is a perfect getaway for your recreational activities.




You can watch the full version of your favorite Hollywood movies at this site for free, without any registration or whatsoever. With its wide variety of genre such as horror, sci-fi, action, drama, etc. you are guaranteed to never run out of movies ever again. Whatever you want, this site has it with just a click of a button.


There are well over 5000 movies, documentaries and TV shows ready to be streamed online for your personal viewing. You can even watch them on your phone, tablet or your HD TV.


Another great site to enjoy your favorite movies for free, without registration of course. You can also download it for offline viewing whenever it suits you. Thousands of movies are available for viewing and a few hundreds more are updated to the website every day. You movie addict will always be satisfied. It’s free online movies site and it’s convenient, pay them a visit now

Free movie



Yet another useful website for watching full length movies streaming online. You can watch them in SD or HD, however you want it. The best thing about it is that there will be no popups or even registration.


The best site for viewing movies and series for free. The site is updated every day so there will always something new for you. This site also contains many family TV series so that you can spend your quality time together with your loved ones.




Whatever movies you want, this site has it. With a huge database of full length movies and DVDs, you movie craze will always be satisfied. For each movie, there will be a review about it as well so that you know which one suits you and which doesn’t.


A huge database of latest blockbusters waiting for you on this website. You can watch all the recently released action, crime, thriller, comedy, drama, etc. Their database is also organized by dates, length, year of release, or even A to Z system. You are sure to find what you are looking for.




Best screwdriver set for electronics devices

Precision screwdriver set


“Smaller is better”. This standard has becoming more and more popular and is the goal that every manufacturers and customers are aiming for. But this is definitely not a good thing for engineers and repairers. Because now they have to deal with smaller electronic devices with tiny little screws and losing even one of them could cause serious problems. What you guys need is a good quality precision driver set. But what factor should you consider when choosing the best screwdriver set for electronics. Follow our post to find your answer.

What is a precision screwdriver set?

What is a precision screwdriver set


For an automotive expert, it’s so important for them to owning a good precision screwdriver set. Many of you may ask what they are and what makes them so important when dealing with electronic devices. Well firstly, they are designed to handle even the deepest and smallest screws inside a machine which could be very difficult with a normal set. These screwdrivers often have small sizes with various tips for different types of screws. It is because of this specific design that enables them to get access to those tiny screws inside your cellphones or laptops.

Best precision screwdriver set

Here are some of the best set that you could find on the market.

Stanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers Precision Screwdriver Set

Stanley 66-039 6-Piece Jewelers Precision Screwdriver Set


This set is the best-seller on Amazon and there are reasons for that. Firstly, I must say that the price is very affordable. Only couple of bucks for a pack of these bad boys, in which contain swivel-head handles that could help improve the precision. The drivers are made from hardened and tempered steel provide the best quality. Each pack contains a plastic storage case for 6 screwdrivers. If you ask me, I would say there are no reason for not buying them.

Tarvol Precision Screwdriver Set Flathead & Philips in 6 Different Sizes

Tarvol Precision Screwdriver Set Flathead & Philips in 6 Different Sizes


Now this one also has a very good price with exceptional good drives in its price range. The pack contains 6 different sizes and styles drives which are included 0-Point, 1-Point Phillips, and Flathead 1.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm. The blades are rust resistant and they are also designed for longevity and durability. The manufacturer also gives you a convenient carrying case to store those blades. They are perfect for repairing small electronics devices like computers, watch, or even dedicate jewelry. And Tarvol even offers their customer a lifetime warranty for the set. I don’t see why you shouldn’t buy this if you haven’t got one.

Vastar 78 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit

Vastar 78 in 1 Magnetic Driver Kit


This is our most expensive set on our list but what it could bring is very worth the price. These drives are specially designed for handling small and tiny screws from your cellphones or any other electronics devices (include iPhone 7 and 7S). The pack is very versatile and mobility. You can fold them in the given bag and put in your pocket. The magnet tips allow you to keep those annoying screws in place. No more worrying about losing some screws in repairing process. All in all, this is a very worth buying set for any automotive expert.

Hotel grand all seasons down alternative comforter

Hotel grand all seasons down alternative comforter


Are you looking for an all season down alternative comforter? Do you want something that is warm, comfort and comes with interesting features? I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s the latest down alternative comforter from Hotel Grand. With a reasonable price, you’ll get an all season comforter with reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a closer look at this bad boy.

Product detail:




They come with 3 different options for you to choose from.

  • Twin: the twin dimension is 68”x88” with 29oz fill weight.
  • Full/queen: the dimension is 88”x88” and 40oz. fill weight.
  • King: For the King dimension, you’ll get a 104”x88” down-alternative comforter with 48oz fill weight.

The size is variety for you to choose base on how large your bed is and how many people sleeping in it. And this comforter all seem really light for a medium weight down comforter. I think it is something between light and medium weight.


Medium warmth – The comforter offers enough warm for cold winter but doesn’t feel too hot in summer days. The down fill is fluffy and soft.

Comfortable for temperate climateAs I’ve mentioned before, this one makes a really good year-round comforter. It can give you warmth in winter and make you comfortable in summer. But I only recommend it with temperate climate areas only. In places that



are too hot or too cold, you cannot use this as an all season comforter because you won’t feel comfortable using it in some cases. For example, you’re living in a tropical area and you’re using this comforter. You’ll quickly realize that it become too hot for you to handle.


Clever designThey’ve made this with an end-to-end box construction that will keep down in place and prevent them from shifting. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and mine haven’t become flat or shifting at all. They stay in shape pretty good thanks to the clever design.

Good quality fillthe comforter is filled with 100% hypoallergenic and down-like polyester fibers. So if you’re allergy to natural down, this is definitely the one for you. And the polyester fiber feel really nice, it’s soft, warm, and doesn’t make any sound when I sleep. It doesn’t feel good as real down but considers the price it’s still quite a great choice.

Machine washable – Not like most natural down when you have to dry clean them with an ex


pensive price, the benefit of having an alternative down comforter is that you often can wash and dry them with a machine. Which is really nice if you ask me. You can wash your comforter right in your house if you own a large front-loading washing machine or you could go to the local laundromat incase.


I think that Hotel Grand has done a pretty great job with this product.  The features are really interesting and the design is really good. And for the price you need to pay, this is definitely a good choice for an alternative down comforter. If you like the review, you can find the best of down comforter at


Some Good and Basic Ways for Caring Your Hair

Hair care


Hair care is a job that requires a lot of factors you have to know how to care for hair and fit properly. Please visit us to know more about hair care, hair straightener using like. In this article, I will share some of the steps to take care of you

  1. Wash Your Hair Properly

    Hair care trimmed


Before shampooing, you should comb the hair to tangle support. Besides, let’s focus on the selection of shampoo, shampoo for hair bleaching or dedicated purple shampoo for colored hair, away from shampoos containing sulfate. The bottom line after the first three weeks of hair remover is less shampoo and one bottle of shampoo air-dry in a bag for use in emergencies. The shampoo is alternating between purple and additional protein shampoo and shampoo scalp carefully as a hint or.

  1. Care Hair Trimmed

Hair bleach causes side effects from chemicals that dull hair and brittle, dry hair ends will be tangled, fibrosis. Just trim the tail hair cut regularly and choose the type of hair facing in will add thick, smooth. When fixing hair, you should avoid bleaching the hair was bleached previous section that only correct color for new roots to grow out.

  1. Limit High Temperatures



You should limit the impact of heat on the hair after bleaching. Your hair this time will be very weak, you should roll the hair and wide-brimmed hat to protect hair when out in the sun. To dry natural hair after shampooing, avoid thermal straightening or curling hair bleached a few weeks later. You can make your natural curly styles without using heat from tools or hairdresser and left overnight.


  1. Incubation and Hair Care

According to research from the experts, the use of chemicals on hair loss resilience of the hair up to 61%. If you want to maintain color and dyed hair and makes the hair smooth, you need to restore damaged hair using hair care center, or simply that you should mask the hair at home. The hair-care center not only creates beautiful hair samples but also help restore hair care and broken after bending, stretching, dyeing. The treatments will be done at the salon perfect, as well as detailed instructions on how to do the most for you to make at home

Towel and incubation



  1. Change The Towels Often

Equip yourself a good super absorbent towel is never a bad idea. New absorbent towels faster and makes you strong restriction to his hair when dry, to avoid damage to the hair and reduce hair breakage quantity and condition of the hair tangled fibers

Finally, if you still have the intention to change hair color, hair style should go to a reputable salon where the use of quality hair products, hair restoration featuring hair without breakage or fall on condition more corrupt.

A Simplest Method for Hair Care At Home

Dry hair: If your hair is dry kind, “do you try beer shampoo. Of course, then you have to wash with water if not smelling hair.

Homemade conditioner: Mix half a cup of honey with 25% glass of olive oil, for one moment, then apply to hair, tempering it with a plastic cap for 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual shampoo.

Greasy hair: Mix a banana and one teaspoon of honey. Wet your hair with warm water and rub this mixture all over the hair. Then tempering it by a plastic cap and wrap a towel outside. You leave it for an hour and then wash the head.

A proper way of running

Proper way of running


Running is probably the easiest and most popular form of exercise there is in the world. Everyone can do it; however, not that many know how to run correctly in order to reap the most benefits out of it. And that is why we wrote this article. In this article, we will show you what the proper way of running is so that you can benefit the most from it.

Keep your head up


Heads up

You are running on concrete roads with no possible risks of IED, explosives or anything for that matter. Because of that, keep your head up high and run with confidence. Slouching while running will drag you down and make the exercise less effective. Keep your head up high to see where you are going an only look down when you really need to.


Exercise is not meant to be done stiffly, but rather gently and smoothly. Swinging your arms back and forth in a rhythmic way will help you run much faster. Keep your fist slightly loose, don’t form a fist while running. Ease up on your shoulders as well otherwise you will soon regret it.

Know your strength



In running, stability is the key. You want to maintain the same speed that you feel comfortable rather than changing the pace continuously. Therefore, the length of your stride must be reasonable so that you can continue for longer distance and not only the first few steps. The golden number of strides per minutes is about 80. If your number is lower, shorten your stride to increase the repetition.

Know your strength

If you just start running recently, start with short distance it. Don’t go all out until you are exhausted. What you need to do is just run better than you did the day before. Therefore, set your distance reasonably and begin running. As you progress, increase the difficulty doing more laps or decrease the time it takes to do each lap.

Avoid dehydration

Avoid Dehydration


When your body is running short on water, fatigue starts to kick in and you will get tired and tired with each stride. To avoid this problem, drink enough water throughout the run, before, during and after. While running, you can bring with you a small bottle container to quickly refill whenever you need.

A word of warning: If you suffer from any feet related problems, wear a suitable pair of shoes to dull the pain. You need to exercise to keep your body in good shape while trying to avoid hurting your feet as well. Because of that, invest some more money into your pair of shoes so that you can comfortably run. Click here for the complete list of shoes for every foot related problem including the plantarfasciitisshoesjudge and other ankle problems.

That should be all you need to know in order to benefit from this simple form of exercise. We hope that you will have fun running. If you want more articles like these, there are plenty more to come on our website, which is available right here.

Best Horror Movie On Putlocker

putlockerHorror movies are loved by many people because they can describe the deepest fear in everybody’s soul. They also bring excitement and thrilling experiences for the viewers. So that is why this is a fertile soil for Hollywood’s movies maker to invest in. Many great horror movies have been made so far, such as The Exorcist, Insidious, Saw, and much more. But nowadays, we don’t need to go to the theater or to the video shop to watch a movie. The internet is your largest movie library. And If I have to name a great website for streaming movies it would be or Putlocker. You only need to visit the website, type your favorite movie’s name and click on it. But with so many movies, it can hard to choose the right ones for you. Don’t worry, I have made a list of the best horror movies on Putlocker and ready for you to enjoy. Let’s begin.

  1. Saw

SawThe first movie in the series was released on 2004 and have received massive success. It has become the most bloody but addicted franchise of Hollywood. The movie is filled with horror, bloody killing scenes that could make viewers puke. But there are also humanity lesions that were embedded in those movies which were very “James Wan”

  1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Exorcism is one of the most terrified types of horror movies because it is related to the factors that are still unknown to human. Beside common horror details, The Exorcism of Emily Rose also haunt viewers with the question “What’ve killed the girl?” “Which are the answer for her death?”. The movie was based on a real event of a girl who was killed after an exorcism. She was Anneliese Michel and her death has become a famous topic for horror movies.

  1. Insidious

Another great piece of work from the “master of horror movies” James Wan. Insidious doesn’t like the other common haunted movies, it doesn’t not only about the human world but also leads us to the land of the death, the land of the unforgiving souls. The main actor Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) was haunted by a dangerous ghost from his childhood. His mother has done all she can to get rid of her. And they thought that it was all over until the ghost re-appear in his son’s dreams. He and his family must fight back with the help of a strong exorcist Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye).

  1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is different from other movies of Chinese original director James Wan. It used a heavy tone of color which make viewers feel more aware. The Conjuring used hidden cameras all over the house where all the actions of the movie occur. It makes the movie’s atmosphere became more intense and the viewers must always stick to the screen.

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How to properly wear the earbuds?

I know this is a very very simple question. In fact, most of us will feel tired when the earphones keep dropping although we wear it the right way, this simple technique will help you stick the in-ear headphones to your ears.

Unlike shoes, earbud manufacturers seldom care about the sizes of their products. If you buy the wrong size earphones, don’t turn them back to the online distributors. There’s an another great solution. Your earphones will sit on your ears all day even while you are running.

This simple trick works no matter how high-end your in-ear headphones are such as the best earbuds under 50 that I use every day.



No, Absolutely not 😀 I’ve just found a hilarious illustration on the Internet and I want to share with you just for fun.

The right way is right down here:

Just take your earbuds behind your ears.

Then bring the devices up and around your ears

This trick is pretty simple, isn’t it?

However, you will feel a little bit uncomfortable because of the weight of earbuds wire pressing on your ears.

Additionally, some manufacturers know this feeling and they invent a tool to consolidate the position of their products on your ears:


With the aforementioned trick and useful tools, you will never be tired of the dropping earphones anymore. They can sit on your ears as long as you want.


Please keep this rule in mind, listen to the music below 60% of your maximum volume and less than 60 minutes a day to keep your ears healthy.

It’s necessary to sanitize your earbuds once a week and before or after exchanging them with someone else in order to prevent the risk of infection.