Best above ground pool

Best above ground pool


Have you ever dreamed of owning your own pool? Is your budget plan holding you back? If so then an above ground swimming pool is the thing for you. With just a budget around USD2000 to USD8000, you are guaranteed to have a splash in the backyard. Check the article below to see what you need to keep in mind when building this pool.




This is the foundation of everything. This type of pool varies in many shapes, size, style and brand. Do some basic measurements of where you want to put your pool so that you know the matching size for it. This will help keep you from being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of designs on the market.

Another thing to look out for is the temperature of the area where your pool is placed. You would want somewhere sunny to keep the water warm while not too windy at the same time to decrease evaporation.


Size and shape

Size and shape


You would want something that will fit your yard perfectly and have enough room for the entire family. The size can range from 15 x 18 (ft.) to the largest one 18 x 36 (ft.). For family with one or two children, a small one is enough, while for bigger family; a pool with 24 feet in diameter should suffice.

As for shapes, there are two popular styles: oval and round. Oval pools will make optimal use of the backyard space and offer more room for family sport like volleyball or basketball. Meanwhile, round pools are easier to set up an offer and more popular on the market



Pools nowadays have state-of-the-art design and are made of highly durable mater

Material and tool


ial. A strong supporting structure made of aluminum, steel, or even resin. Personally, I find the resin the best material for this type of recreational object. It does not get rusted or corroded easily like steel or aluminum and it requires less maintenance as well.


While bathing in your pool, you will need to keep the water clean, which requires a constant circulation of the water. Therefore, you will need a pump and a filter. You need a pump to get all the water through the skimmer and then to the filters, chlorinator, heater, cleaner and then back to the pool. The filter will help remove any unwanted substance from your pool, keeping it clean for your enjoyment.

Unless you want to make it the best above ground pool in the whole neighborhood, that should be enough to build your pool. We wish you luck in doing this.

Some Good and Basic Ways for Caring Your Hair

Hair care


Hair care is a job that requires a lot of factors you have to know how to care for hair and fit properly. Please visit us to know more about hair care, hair straightener using like. In this article, I will share some of the steps to take care of you

  1. Wash Your Hair Properly

    Hair care trimmed


Before shampooing, you should comb the hair to tangle support. Besides, let’s focus on the selection of shampoo, shampoo for hair bleaching or dedicated purple shampoo for colored hair, away from shampoos containing sulfate. The bottom line after the first three weeks of hair remover is less shampoo and one bottle of shampoo air-dry in a bag for use in emergencies. The shampoo is alternating between purple and additional protein shampoo and shampoo scalp carefully as a hint or.

  1. Care Hair Trimmed

Hair bleach causes side effects from chemicals that dull hair and brittle, dry hair ends will be tangled, fibrosis. Just trim the tail hair cut regularly and choose the type of hair facing in will add thick, smooth. When fixing hair, you should avoid bleaching the hair was bleached previous section that only correct color for new roots to grow out.

  1. Limit High Temperatures



You should limit the impact of heat on the hair after bleaching. Your hair this time will be very weak, you should roll the hair and wide-brimmed hat to protect hair when out in the sun. To dry natural hair after shampooing, avoid thermal straightening or curling hair bleached a few weeks later. You can make your natural curly styles without using heat from tools or hairdresser and left overnight.


  1. Incubation and Hair Care

According to research from the experts, the use of chemicals on hair loss resilience of the hair up to 61%. If you want to maintain color and dyed hair and makes the hair smooth, you need to restore damaged hair using hair care center, or simply that you should mask the hair at home. The hair-care center not only creates beautiful hair samples but also help restore hair care and broken after bending, stretching, dyeing. The treatments will be done at the salon perfect, as well as detailed instructions on how to do the most for you to make at home

Towel and incubation



  1. Change The Towels Often

Equip yourself a good super absorbent towel is never a bad idea. New absorbent towels faster and makes you strong restriction to his hair when dry, to avoid damage to the hair and reduce hair breakage quantity and condition of the hair tangled fibers

Finally, if you still have the intention to change hair color, hair style should go to a reputable salon where the use of quality hair products, hair restoration featuring hair without breakage or fall on condition more corrupt.

A Simplest Method for Hair Care At Home

Dry hair: If your hair is dry kind, “do you try beer shampoo. Of course, then you have to wash with water if not smelling hair.

Homemade conditioner: Mix half a cup of honey with 25% glass of olive oil, for one moment, then apply to hair, tempering it with a plastic cap for 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual shampoo.

Greasy hair: Mix a banana and one teaspoon of honey. Wet your hair with warm water and rub this mixture all over the hair. Then tempering it by a plastic cap and wrap a towel outside. You leave it for an hour and then wash the head.

Fun things to do at home when you are bored

When you are bore


Are you bored at home? Looking for ways to entertain yourselves at home? If so, this is the place. In this article, we will show you some of the simplest things that are guaranteed to bring joy right at your own home. Here they are:


Want to shed that stubborn fat on your body? Now is the perfect time to do so. When your head is saturated (which is a sign of being bored) and cannot think of anything else, get physical. It will no



t only up your metabolism, it will also increase your mentality as well. This will results in a healthier body and a sharper mind.



You are bored, you have the time and the music. So why not turn up your favorite songs and move your body to the rhythm. That is an excellent way to kill time and maybe to lose weight as well. Even better is that you can turn it into a hangout with your friends and spend some quality time with them as well.


When you are at home and bored, sing like you’ve never sung before, a saying that worth remembering, no? Singing has many health benefits, scientifically speaking; so why not give it a try? Maybe you can disco

Singing and cleaning

ver your inner singer as well. With “dan karaoke gia dinh” and a group of friends, you guys are guaranteed to have a hell of a good time.



Sounds boring as hell but this may be the best thing for you to make use of that dead time. Even though the process is really boring, you can always add some music to the mix and clean to the rhythm of your jam. You may have the house cleaned even before you know it. The result will be worth the effort you put in.

Doing manicure

If you are a girl, this is the perfect way to spend quality time with your sorority, and a cheap one at that. Some gossiping while doing each other’s nail will strengthen the friendship even more. Making yourself look more beautiful, spending quality time with your gang, killing time, what more can you ask for?

Cooking and baking

Cooking and baking


This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn to make a dish or two. If you are bored, trying something new is the remedy for it. Try and create a new recipe and put it to the test in your kitchen. If it’s good then you have one more recipe in your cooking prerequisite. If not, at least you have a good time experimenting and learning, right?

Similar to the above, try baking something off the book, maybe by combining all of your favorite ingredients together. Maybe invite your friends over and start having fun as well. Who knows? You could receive a lot of baking order from them.

YouTube spree

There are a lot of funny videos uploaded on YouTube every day, ranging from epic fails, cute animal, etc. You just have to turn up the internet and start looking. This is a surefire way to get your mood back to its regular level.

Looking at old photos

Looking at old photos


Since you have nothing else better to do, why not taking a trip down the memory lane? Open up the family album and have a look at all the photos taken. This will remind you of your glorious past and maybe have a good laugh at how ridiculous you were back then. A great way to spice up your mood and kill time, no?

There you have it, a whole lot of ways to entertain yourselves when you are bored. If you want more articles like these, don’t hesitate to visit our website, right here.



A proper way of running

Proper way of running


Running is probably the easiest and most popular form of exercise there is in the world. Everyone can do it; however, not that many know how to run correctly in order to reap the most benefits out of it. And that is why we wrote this article. In this article, we will show you what the proper way of running is so that you can benefit the most from it.

Keep your head up


Heads up

You are running on concrete roads with no possible risks of IED, explosives or anything for that matter. Because of that, keep your head up high and run with confidence. Slouching while running will drag you down and make the exercise less effective. Keep your head up high to see where you are going an only look down when you really need to.


Exercise is not meant to be done stiffly, but rather gently and smoothly. Swinging your arms back and forth in a rhythmic way will help you run much faster. Keep your fist slightly loose, don’t form a fist while running. Ease up on your shoulders as well otherwise you will soon regret it.

Know your strength



In running, stability is the key. You want to maintain the same speed that you feel comfortable rather than changing the pace continuously. Therefore, the length of your stride must be reasonable so that you can continue for longer distance and not only the first few steps. The golden number of strides per minutes is about 80. If your number is lower, shorten your stride to increase the repetition.

Know your strength

If you just start running recently, start with short distance it. Don’t go all out until you are exhausted. What you need to do is just run better than you did the day before. Therefore, set your distance reasonably and begin running. As you progress, increase the difficulty doing more laps or decrease the time it takes to do each lap.

Avoid dehydration

Avoid Dehydration


When your body is running short on water, fatigue starts to kick in and you will get tired and tired with each stride. To avoid this problem, drink enough water throughout the run, before, during and after. While running, you can bring with you a small bottle container to quickly refill whenever you need.

A word of warning: If you suffer from any feet related problems, wear a suitable pair of shoes to dull the pain. You need to exercise to keep your body in good shape while trying to avoid hurting your feet as well. Because of that, invest some more money into your pair of shoes so that you can comfortably run. Click here for the complete list of shoes for every foot related problem including the plantarfasciitisshoesjudge and other ankle problems.

That should be all you need to know in order to benefit from this simple form of exercise. We hope that you will have fun running. If you want more articles like these, there are plenty more to come on our website, which is available right here.

Best Horror Movie On Putlocker

putlockerHorror movies are loved by many people because they can describe the deepest fear in everybody’s soul. They also bring excitement and thrilling experiences for the viewers. So that is why this is a fertile soil for Hollywood’s movies maker to invest in. Many great horror movies have been made so far, such as The Exorcist, Insidious, Saw, and much more. But nowadays, we don’t need to go to the theater or to the video shop to watch a movie. The internet is your largest movie library. And If I have to name a great website for streaming movies it would be or Putlocker. You only need to visit the website, type your favorite movie’s name and click on it. But with so many movies, it can hard to choose the right ones for you. Don’t worry, I have made a list of the best horror movies on Putlocker and ready for you to enjoy. Let’s begin.

  1. Saw

SawThe first movie in the series was released on 2004 and have received massive success. It has become the most bloody but addicted franchise of Hollywood. The movie is filled with horror, bloody killing scenes that could make viewers puke. But there are also humanity lesions that were embedded in those movies which were very “James Wan”

  1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Exorcism is one of the most terrified types of horror movies because it is related to the factors that are still unknown to human. Beside common horror details, The Exorcism of Emily Rose also haunt viewers with the question “What’ve killed the girl?” “Which are the answer for her death?”. The movie was based on a real event of a girl who was killed after an exorcism. She was Anneliese Michel and her death has become a famous topic for horror movies.

  1. Insidious

Another great piece of work from the “master of horror movies” James Wan. Insidious doesn’t like the other common haunted movies, it doesn’t not only about the human world but also leads us to the land of the death, the land of the unforgiving souls. The main actor Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) was haunted by a dangerous ghost from his childhood. His mother has done all she can to get rid of her. And they thought that it was all over until the ghost re-appear in his son’s dreams. He and his family must fight back with the help of a strong exorcist Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye).

  1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is different from other movies of Chinese original director James Wan. It used a heavy tone of color which make viewers feel more aware. The Conjuring used hidden cameras all over the house where all the actions of the movie occur. It makes the movie’s atmosphere became more intense and the viewers must always stick to the screen.

These are just four of hundreds of great movies from Putlocker. Visit the website anytime to have access the greatest free movie library online.

How to properly wear the earbuds?

I know this is a very very simple question. In fact, most of us will feel tired when the earphones keep dropping although we wear it the right way, this simple technique will help you stick the in-ear headphones to your ears.

Unlike shoes, earbud manufacturers seldom care about the sizes of their products. If you buy the wrong size earphones, don’t turn them back to the online distributors. There’s an another great solution. Your earphones will sit on your ears all day even while you are running.

This simple trick works no matter how high-end your in-ear headphones are such as the best earbuds under 50 that I use every day.



No, Absolutely not 😀 I’ve just found a hilarious illustration on the Internet and I want to share with you just for fun.

The right way is right down here:

Just take your earbuds behind your ears.

Then bring the devices up and around your ears

This trick is pretty simple, isn’t it?

However, you will feel a little bit uncomfortable because of the weight of earbuds wire pressing on your ears.

Additionally, some manufacturers know this feeling and they invent a tool to consolidate the position of their products on your ears:


With the aforementioned trick and useful tools, you will never be tired of the dropping earphones anymore. They can sit on your ears as long as you want.


Please keep this rule in mind, listen to the music below 60% of your maximum volume and less than 60 minutes a day to keep your ears healthy.

It’s necessary to sanitize your earbuds once a week and before or after exchanging them with someone else in order to prevent the risk of infection.


How to choose an embroidery machine appropriate to your skill level?

The invention of embroidery and sewing machines has changed the entire industry of garment. These useful devices help people who enjoy embroidery look save time and effort when creating their desired masterpiece. Thanks to the great features of those machines, their demand increase incessantly. The manufacturers have customized the machine in order to make it suitable for a wide range of needs among customers. They vary from home models to industrial ones. In this article, we are going to show you how to choose an embroidery machine appropriate to your skill levels and your experience.

1.      Embroidery Machines for Novices

Embroidery Machines for Novices

These entry-level machines usually combine both sewing and embroidering functions. Therefore, it will be better if beginners spend their money on these “half-breed”tools rather than purchasing each individual machine. For more specifically, the models for beginners have already had some preprogrammed embroidery designs which are customizable. The control board is also easy to understand and get familiar with. The majority of them offer the backlit or LED panels in pursuance to show the progress and thread changing warning messages.

2.      Embroidery Machines for Intermediate Learners

The second category has included all the aforementioned features plus the ability to connect with a computer via a USB cable in order to upload the new designs from the Internet. Thus, you will have unlimited quantity of designs.

Some of the intermediate-level machines offer greater size of designs up to 8 x 10 inches. Therefore, take this criterion into consideration.

3.      Advanced household embroidery machines

Embroidery MachinesHigh quality embroidery machines contain a large amount of preprogrammed designs such as patterns and fonts with adjustable size. The machine is able to generate a design up to 7 x 12 inches and they can be directly modified via a large visual and colored screen. The built-in storage allows users to save their favorite designs in the machine. Some of this models integrate with a multi-language feature for international use.

Regarding to the productivity, the high-end machine is capable of producing up to 650 stiches per minutes and therefore reduce the length of time to finish a masterpiece. Beside flash speed embroidering, some of manufacturers include up to six needles in one machine. Each needle is responsible to load a specific color so they can be run smoothly by themselves. They can even well perform when receiving the task of embroider industrial-type designs.

The table below will indicate the main differences among the aforementioned models

Levels Number of available designs Number of available fonts LED screen Largest Design Sizes
For novice 35-50 3-5 Yes 5×5
For intermediate users 50-100 5-8 Yes 6×8
For experienced users 100+ 8-12 Yes 7×12


So please keep in mind to consider carefully the features that you will need before investing thousands of dollars in high-end embroidery machines. Beside that, it’s necessary to read thoroughly verified embroidery machines reviews on Amazon or Ebay to avoid scams.


Things to consider when choosing a small chainsaw

Small chainsaw is a must-have tool for any homeowners thanks to its versatility and ease of use. This particular tool can be handled by everyone. There’s no need to accumulate lots of muscle or skills to use this household device. They are great for pruning, trimming, cutting firewood and eliminating the small unwanted trees. They are also helpful in small wood project. Therefore, it’s hard to pick the best small chainsaw due to its popularity and abundance. This article will help you solve this problem by instructing you the things that you should consider when buying a new mini chainsaw for your house.

best chain saw guide

Small chainsaws, what are they?

Those are the chainsaw with the bar less than 14 inches long. There’s no industrial criterion to distinguish the small and the large chainsaw. Thus, we have to identify the border. Based on our experience, 14 inches bar or less chainsaw is deserved to be “small” due to its usability.

Things to consider

   1. How much money do you intend to spend on the household equipment?

Most of small chainsaws cost less than 150 bucks. The minority of them are a bit pricey with more than $200 bill. There are also some cheap products which is less than a hundred greenbacks. Based on their features, lifespan and productivity, the price will range. So there’s no need to worry about the short of small chainsaws on the market for tight budget people.

     2. Your wood project matters

As mentioned earlier in the introduction part, the small chainsaw is appropriate for household uses only. Regarding to the cutting a tree with 20” diameter, you will need a heavy-duty dedicated chainsaw such as the Husqvarna 455 Rancher.

    3. How is your endurance? How long can you work with the chainsaw?

Although the small chainsaw is suitable for everyone. However, it’s not easy to handle over a long period of time. Most of the time, users will start feeling tired after 10 minutes working. If you soon start get tired, we recommend you to take regular rests. Otherwise, serious accidents could happen.

Small chainsaw often uses power from electricity. That’s why users’ health will not be affected by the exhaust fumes from gas chainsaw. However, the electric one is less powerful than the other. And, in some cases, the electric small chainsaw can be harmful due to its high torque in comparison with its rival – the gas chainsaw.

    4. Your experience matters

Chainsaw is hazardous. If you are an experienced user, you can use the tool with confidence. Regarding to newbie, it might be a bit nervous when you use the tool for the first time. It’s necessary to invest in some safety gears for example the gloves which prevent the vibration or the chainsaw chaps…

Though the small chainsaw is light and easy to use, some people will find it difficult to pass their fear. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the alternative like the WORX JawSaw or the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper. Read more my another home guide

How to gear up for running

giay-nikeRunning is one of the most popular form of exercise. Anyone can do it regardless of their gender and age. But did you know that this form of exercise will be much more effective if you are equipped with the right gear? I didn’t know that when I started running, either. Therefore, in this article, I would like to share with you the gear that you will need in order to run effectively.

Running is one of the cheapest forms of exercise because it does not require so many gears in order for you to run. However, there are some necessary requirements to keep in mind

The shoes

The most important piece of equipment for this exercise. You could run bare feet as well to save the cost but that put too much pressure on your feet, which could cause some serious injury if you do it time and time again, the price is too high. In addition, running with bare feet can put you at the greater risk of being in contact with sharp and pointed objects In the street and thus, not highly recommended.

As for a pair of shoes, you should something light in weight and fit your feet perfectly. This will put much less pressure on your feet and you can cover more distance as well. You can just buy a regular pair for short run or if you are serious about this, go for an authentic, high-quality pair from official retail shop of big brands

The socks

There’s a saying in my country:” If you wear a shoes without sock, you’d better go on bare foot”, just a rough translation. Wearing shoes without socks and your feet will be in contact with much more friction, which could be even less comfortable than going on bare feet. It will start to feel uncomfortable even just after a few steps of running, let alone the entire laps. Because of that, buy a pair of socks if you want to run for longer distance.

The clothes

If you get the two factors above down, you are half way done. You can wear anything you like for short and recreational run as long as it does not hinder free movement of your body. For longer run, you might want to buy tight-fitting and sweat absorbing outfit so as to reduce friction, reduce fatigue and keep you going for longer period.

A bottle of water

Dehydration is the last thing you want for your body. Your body will secrete lots of sweat and thus, leading to your body feeling tired if it is not supplied with adequate amount of water. Therefore, it’s important to supply your body with water at the right moment so that you have additional energy to carry on. Get a used bottle of water or you could use bottles designed for sports on the market, fill it with water and carry it with you so that you can have a small sips whenever you need.

That’s it for this article. As a bonus, we are running a promotional campaign for a brand new giày nike chính hãng, which will be of good use for runners. Click here to get the code.