My name is Jeffrey L Blankinship. I am a professional carpenter who has been working in the construction industry for 15 years. I have work with many great worker, electric engineer, architect, constructor so I think that I could share some of my experience to you. And that is why I started this web site for those who love to do-it-yourself like you. So I’m here for you whenever you want to do some woodworking, metal crafting and all kind of DIY works.


I mostly write about new home tool reviews, hands-on reviews and tool guilds. My purpose was to create a place that provide you the information about all the pros and cons of the tools and help you to decide the best/cheapest tools for your needs. And because I just write this to share my experience for those who are new to this. So my main focus is those who are still a newbie but have an interest in working with home tool. I have a lot of basic guild for you so be sure to check it out.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me. Your support mean a lot to me. Hope you find useful information at my website.