Proper way of running


Running is probably the easiest and most popular form of exercise there is in the world. Everyone can do it; however, not that many know how to run correctly in order to reap the most benefits out of it. And that is why we wrote this article. In this article, we will show you what the proper way of running is so that you can benefit the most from it.

Keep your head up


Heads up

You are running on concrete roads with no possible risks of IED, explosives or anything for that matter. Because of that, keep your head up high and run with confidence. Slouching while running will drag you down and make the exercise less effective. Keep your head up high to see where you are going an only look down when you really need to.


Exercise is not meant to be done stiffly, but rather gently and smoothly. Swinging your arms back and forth in a rhythmic way will help you run much faster. Keep your fist slightly loose, don’t form a fist while running. Ease up on your shoulders as well otherwise you will soon regret it.

Know your strength



In running, stability is the key. You want to maintain the same speed that you feel comfortable rather than changing the pace continuously. Therefore, the length of your stride must be reasonable so that you can continue for longer distance and not only the first few steps. The golden number of strides per minutes is about 80. If your number is lower, shorten your stride to increase the repetition.

Know your strength

If you just start running recently, start with short distance it. Don’t go all out until you are exhausted. What you need to do is just run better than you did the day before. Therefore, set your distance reasonably and begin running. As you progress, increase the difficulty doing more laps or decrease the time it takes to do each lap.

Avoid dehydration

Avoid Dehydration


When your body is running short on water, fatigue starts to kick in and you will get tired and tired with each stride. To avoid this problem, drink enough water throughout the run, before, during and after. While running, you can bring with you a small bottle container to quickly refill whenever you need.

A word of warning: If you suffer from any feet related problems, wear a suitable pair of shoes to dull the pain. You need to exercise to keep your body in good shape while trying to avoid hurting your feet as well. Because of that, invest some more money into your pair of shoes so that you can comfortably run. Click here for the complete list of shoes for every foot related problem including the plantarfasciitisshoesjudge and other ankle problems.

That should be all you need to know in order to benefit from this simple form of exercise. We hope that you will have fun running. If you want more articles like these, there are plenty more to come on our website, which is available right here.