putlockerHorror movies are loved by many people because they can describe the deepest fear in everybody’s soul. They also bring excitement and thrilling experiences for the viewers. So that is why this is a fertile soil for Hollywood’s movies maker to invest in. Many great horror movies have been made so far, such as The Exorcist, Insidious, Saw, and much more. But nowadays, we don’t need to go to the theater or to the video shop to watch a movie. The internet is your largest movie library. And If I have to name a great website for streaming movies it would be pmovies.to or Putlocker. You only need to visit the website, type your favorite movie’s name and click on it. But with so many movies, it can hard to choose the right ones for you. Don’t worry, I have made a list of the best horror movies on Putlocker and ready for you to enjoy. Let’s begin.

  1. Saw

SawThe first movie in the series was released on 2004 and have received massive success. It has become the most bloody but addicted franchise of Hollywood. The movie is filled with horror, bloody killing scenes that could make viewers puke. But there are also humanity lesions that were embedded in those movies which were very “James Wan”

  1. The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Exorcism is one of the most terrified types of horror movies because it is related to the factors that are still unknown to human. Beside common horror details, The Exorcism of Emily Rose also haunt viewers with the question “What’ve killed the girl?” “Which are the answer for her death?”. The movie was based on a real event of a girl who was killed after an exorcism. She was Anneliese Michel and her death has become a famous topic for horror movies.

  1. Insidious

Another great piece of work from the “master of horror movies” James Wan. Insidious doesn’t like the other common haunted movies, it doesn’t not only about the human world but also leads us to the land of the death, the land of the unforgiving souls. The main actor Josh Lambert (Patrick Wilson) was haunted by a dangerous ghost from his childhood. His mother has done all she can to get rid of her. And they thought that it was all over until the ghost re-appear in his son’s dreams. He and his family must fight back with the help of a strong exorcist Elise Rainer (Lin Shaye).

  1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is different from other movies of Chinese original director James Wan. It used a heavy tone of color which make viewers feel more aware. The Conjuring used hidden cameras all over the house where all the actions of the movie occur. It makes the movie’s atmosphere became more intense and the viewers must always stick to the screen.

These are just four of hundreds of great movies from Putlocker. Visit the website anytime to have access the greatest free movie library online.