When buying an aquarium, it is necessary to buy a filter for the tank as well. It will help keep your aquarium clean and give the fish a healthy environment to flourish. However, do you really know how it works and what you need to know to keep the filter going for long? In this article, we will explain you in details the mechanism of a canister filter, how maintain it and provide you with some important information about it.


Canister filter does it job by drawing out dirty water from the aquarium, pushing them through many layers of filtration. Depend on what you want; the water can be filtered chemically, biologically or mechanically.


The direction is also different from models to models ranging from top to bottom, bottom to top to center-out and back to front.

The outcome of that is clean water which is then pumped back into the tank. Some models pump the water back to the tank using a built-in pump; others do it by using a separate pump.


Depend on the model of the filter, the filtration media, the amount of work required for maintenance will be different. Make sure that you know which types of media needs rinsing with regularity and which types need replacing once in a while. You can also check the instruction to know the recommended infiltration media for your machine and choose accordingly so that your machine functions most effectively.


In addition to that, you will need to check the pump and the tubes of your filter, a routine check is highly recommended. If they are dirty, you can clean them using the cleaning kits which you can find at your local pet store. If they do not function properly, refer to the instructions issued by the manufacturer and fix it immediately or your fish will get it.


A good canister means that you are able to customize the filtration media and not the pre-customized one by the manufacturers. Nothing will stay the same forever so choosing a fixed media won’t bring you any good in the long term.

A canister filter will usually require less maintenance work than its counterpart, power filters. Hence, unless you require lots of power, a canister filter is always highly recommended as it will save you time, energy and money.

Replace carbon in the filter regularly. This is because carbon and waste together will cause the machine to release toxin into your tank, which will be lethal to your fish.

The machine can filter the water biologically, chemically or mechanically. Hence, depend on your need; you should take advantage of them as much as possible.

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