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How to buy the best power bank?

With the advancement of smartphone nowadays, they can do a lot more than just simple calling and texting. However, that also requires lots of power and not every phone can last for as long as their owner wants. Hence, more and more people are buying a power bank so that they can use their phone […]

Best screwdriver set for electronics devices

“Smaller is better”. This standard has becoming more and more popular and is the goal that every manufacturers and customers are aiming for. But this is definitely not a good thing for engineers and repairers. Because now they have to deal with smaller electronic devices with tiny little screws and losing even one of them […]

How to properly wear the earbuds?

I know this is a very very simple question. In fact, most of us will feel tired when the earphones keep dropping although we wear it the right way, this simple technique will help you stick the in-ear headphones to your ears. Unlike shoes, earbud manufacturers seldom care about the sizes of their products. If […]