Watching movies is the best time to spend your time while you are alone. However, if you are like me, you will want to watch them right at the comfort of your own home. There are two ways to do it: you can either rent a DVD or you can watch your movies live stream online. I prefer the latter one and here are the top ten website that allow you to do so.

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All types of films from all countries all over the world. This site also contains a huge selection of shows for your personal viewing such as: The Flash, Fresh off the boat, Big Bang Theory, The Magician, etc. You can even watch all of them on your personal handheld device like ipad, ipod, or your smartphone.


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Here, you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters and enjoy an unlimited amount of live stream movies. Apart from being free, this site doesn’t even ask you to register. This will save you the hassle of typing in your account name every time you want to watch something. The movies are categorized in genre, time, length, etc. so that you can find what you are looking for much easier.


At this website, you can watch any movies for free without registration, be it in SD or HD. They also have a wide arrange of TV series, shows and movies series for your personal entertainment. Therefore, this is a perfect getaway for your recreational activities.




You can watch the full version of your favorite Hollywood movies at this site for free, without any registration or whatsoever. With its wide variety of genre such as horror, sci-fi, action, drama, etc. you are guaranteed to never run out of movies ever again. Whatever you want, this site has it with just a click of a button.


There are well over 5000 movies, documentaries and TV shows ready to be streamed online for your personal viewing. You can even watch them on your phone, tablet or your HD TV.


Another great site to enjoy your favorite movies for free, without registration of course. You can also download it for offline viewing whenever it suits you. Thousands of movies are available for viewing and a few hundreds more are updated to the website every day. You movie addict will always be satisfied. It’s free online movies site and it’s convenient, pay them a visit now

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Yet another useful website for watching full length movies streaming online. You can watch them in SD or HD, however you want it. The best thing about it is that there will be no popups or even registration.


The best site for viewing movies and series for free. The site is updated every day so there will always something new for you. This site also contains many family TV series so that you can spend your quality time together with your loved ones.




Whatever movies you want, this site has it. With a huge database of full length movies and DVDs, you movie craze will always be satisfied. For each movie, there will be a review about it as well so that you know which one suits you and which doesn’t.


A huge database of latest blockbusters waiting for you on this website. You can watch all the recently released action, crime, thriller, comedy, drama, etc. Their database is also organized by dates, length, year of release, or even A to Z system. You are sure to find what you are looking for.