In today post, we’re going to show you how to watch your favorite movies online with English subtitles. Here are a few methods that might help you. I’m going to divide this into two cases in which I’m gonna show you the quickest possible way. Here we go.

You have the movies but don’t have a subtitle.

It’s is the most disturbing situation when you’ve downloaded the movie then find out that it has no sub on it. What are we supposed to do? Watch a movie without any subtitle on it and pretend like we have a clue of what’s happening in the movie? Well, guys, I’ve been in this situation for as long as I start watching movies online (or offline). The best solution is we find a subtitle for the movie. And the most popular sources are Isubtitles, Movies subtitles, and YIFY Subtitles. Or, you can find other sources by googling the word “movies subtitles”.

You have the movies

After you’ve done finding the sub, use your media player, which I recommend using VLC or ACE player. They’re the best software for watching videos and streaming online content. Click on the video options button, choose add subtitles. And you’re good to go.

Watch movies online.

This one is rather a much simple way. All you need is a good and stable internet connection, an Internet-connecting device like a laptop or smartphone, some popcorn and drinks, and a couch for extra relaxation. But wait, I’m I missing something here? Ah, we need a good movie site that has lots of movies with English subtitle on it. Where could we possibly find this kind of site? The answer is very simple, you just need to click on this see free movies online sites list button and the magic will happen.

I’m kidding, it’s another post on my site where I’ve listed all the good free movies sites that I usually watch movies at. They’re all completely free, you just need to add some extra time watching and closing ads on them. It’s a simple tribute to the site owners I think. And I’m not annoyed by these ads at all. If you’re watching on a website that is completely free and there are no ads, then you should be worried about your privacy. They could be sneaking and following your activities online or hacking your data. At least that’s my wife told me.

That’s it. Thanks guys for reading my post and hope you enjoy reading it. See you on my next ones.