Hotel grand all seasons down alternative comforter


Are you looking for an all season down alternative comforter? Do you want something that is warm, comfort and comes with interesting features? I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s the latest down alternative comforter from Hotel Grand. With a reasonable price, you’ll get an all season comforter with reasonable price. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a closer look at this bad boy.

Product detail:




They come with 3 different options for you to choose from.

  • Twin: the twin dimension is 68”x88” with 29oz fill weight.
  • Full/queen: the dimension is 88”x88” and 40oz. fill weight.
  • King: For the King dimension, you’ll get a 104”x88” down-alternative comforter with 48oz fill weight.

The size is variety for you to choose base on how large your bed is and how many people sleeping in it. And this comforter all seem really light for a medium weight down comforter. I think it is something between light and medium weight.


Medium warmth – The comforter offers enough warm for cold winter but doesn’t feel too hot in summer days. The down fill is fluffy and soft.

Comfortable for temperate climateAs I’ve mentioned before, this one makes a really good year-round comforter. It can give you warmth in winter and make you comfortable in summer. But I only recommend it with temperate climate areas only. In places that



are too hot or too cold, you cannot use this as an all season comforter because you won’t feel comfortable using it in some cases. For example, you’re living in a tropical area and you’re using this comforter. You’ll quickly realize that it become too hot for you to handle.


Clever designThey’ve made this with an end-to-end box construction that will keep down in place and prevent them from shifting. I’ve been using this for 2 weeks and mine haven’t become flat or shifting at all. They stay in shape pretty good thanks to the clever design.

Good quality fillthe comforter is filled with 100% hypoallergenic and down-like polyester fibers. So if you’re allergy to natural down, this is definitely the one for you. And the polyester fiber feel really nice, it’s soft, warm, and doesn’t make any sound when I sleep. It doesn’t feel good as real down but considers the price it’s still quite a great choice.

Machine washable – Not like most natural down when you have to dry clean them with an ex


pensive price, the benefit of having an alternative down comforter is that you often can wash and dry them with a machine. Which is really nice if you ask me. You can wash your comforter right in your house if you own a large front-loading washing machine or you could go to the local laundromat incase.


I think that Hotel Grand has done a pretty great job with this product.  The features are really interesting and the design is really good. And for the price you need to pay, this is definitely a good choice for an alternative down comforter. If you like the review, you can find the best of down comforter at