With the advancement of smartphone nowadays, they can do a lot more than just simple calling and texting. However, that also requires lots of power and not every phone can last for as long as their owner wants. Hence, more and more people are buying a power bank so that they can use their phone much longer wherever they are. In this article, we will give you some tips to choose right portable power bank for your needs.

Power bank

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This means the mAh number. The higher it is, the more power your power bank can have. Some can charge your phone 3 or 4 times, some can go as high as 10 times. Of course it would require more money but if you are a fan of big thing, it is the right price to pay.

Energy efficient

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Energy efficient

Nothing functions with 100% efficiency and that goes for power banks as well. The standard is around 60 to 70% and if it doesn’t say so on the product, you can understand like that as well. For a more avid user, there is also one that is 90% efficiency as well. Combine with the factors above and you will know exactly how much power your power bank has.


Some banks also offers many USB ports for charging or even other additional ports for other stuff as well. This will allow you to charge multiple phones at once, which is very convenient, I’d say.

Solar panel

If you live in a tropical area, this one might be the perfect one. Instead of using your home electricity, this charge refill itself simply by feeding the unlimited amount of sunshine. However, I’d recommend buying something with a battery built inside so that you can use it even in rainy season.


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Some batteries are cleverly designed so that they can hold lots of power with a very compact size. Some are even designed to be rainproof or even waterproof just in case you accidentally leave it out in the falling rain. An ideal power bank for me is the one that fits nicely in my pocket and can sustain some physical contact once in a while.

Passthrough charging

Some banks even have this function. This means charging your phone and the banks at the same time. Cheap power banks will charge the device until it is full first while slowly charge itself. Others will charge the two of them with the same speed at the same time.

Auto on and off

This means that the charging will begin automatically when plugged and stop when your device battery hits 100%.  This is a useful stuff to have as it will conserve your bank energy so that you can use it for longer.

Built-in torch

You can even use it as a flashlight but I don’t highly recommend it as you would be better off with a real flashlight. However, if you think it’s cool to have, then go for it. It’s important that you are happy with what you buy.