Every day in the morning, you have to get up early to feed your beloved cat. Your job requires you to travel a lot, or maybe traveling is just your hobby but you can’t bring your pet. You have to work a day long and don’t have enough time for caring your pet. These make you get in trouble. In contrast, one of the best solutions is getting any one of the best automatic cat feeders on ObeyMyCat.com.

For household has a cat as a pet, there is a recommended thing, it is an automatic cat feeder dispenser and cat drink fountains. While you only can personally feed your cats during your free time, and assign a spot to put the container of pellets, it is more convenient to use a cat feeder instead to automate this task.

There are plenty of types of products on the market, and some of them can be programmed and configured without doing anything else except using your mobile phone. To find out what is the best automatic cat feeders, it’s necessary for you to answer these questions below:

How many pets are there in your household?

how many petYou can purchase a feeder after considering the number of pets. Buying separately automated feeders for different pets is highly recommended.

How strong and big is your pet?

There are a lot of feeders out there. This can make you get in trouble when you need to get the best automatic cat feeder. Some are made for big pets (permitting them to hold and dispense food the more) while some are more suitable for the smaller ones.

An automatic unit with a timer is a suitable choice in case you have an overweight pet. It will set a limitation for the time it eats and the amount of food. This type of feeder helps you to feed the pet in the healthiest diet.

Is it really Suitable for your Cats?

Is it really Suitable for your Cats

There are feeders which are used for each type of pet. Those made for cats might actually work for dogs that are small, but you need to understand that the bodies of canines and felines are playing an important role in providing your pet the special care.

By this means, you must be on the lookout for which type of pet a feeder is made for, to be on the safer side, so you and come to the conclusion which is the best automatic cat feeder.

Is it needed to consider the Efficiency and Capacity of the Feeder?

Are you sure that the feeders’ capacity is fine? It is necessary to pay attention to this and then note it, so you won’t have to refill it now and then. It should be possible to hold and dispense a suitable amount of food if you have many types of pets. An airtight hopper is important if the foods are going to be stored inside the feeder for a long-term plan.

A significant factor is consideration of the shapes of your kibble. Certain feeders transmit foods via a tube before pouring it. If the kibble you use is too large to let it go through, there are many ways to make it work. A round shaped feeder works very well, while a square (or other shapes) might get the kibble stuck inside the tube.