I know this is a very very simple question. In fact, most of us will feel tired when the earphones keep dropping although we wear it the right way, this simple technique will help you stick the in-ear headphones to your ears.

Unlike shoes, earbud manufacturers seldom care about the sizes of their products. If you buy the wrong size earphones, don’t turn them back to the online distributors. There’s an another great solution. Your earphones will sit on your ears all day even while you are running.

This simple trick works no matter how high-end your in-ear headphones are such as the best earbuds under 50 that I use every day.



No, Absolutely not 😀 I’ve just found a hilarious illustration on the Internet and I want to share with you just for fun.

The right way is right down here:

Just take your earbuds behind your ears.

Then bring the devices up and around your ears

This trick is pretty simple, isn’t it?

However, you will feel a little bit uncomfortable because of the weight of earbuds wire pressing on your ears.

Additionally, some manufacturers know this feeling and they invent a tool to consolidate the position of their products on your ears:


With the aforementioned trick and useful tools, you will never be tired of the dropping earphones anymore. They can sit on your ears as long as you want.


Please keep this rule in mind, listen to the music below 60% of your maximum volume and less than 60 minutes a day to keep your ears healthy.

It’s necessary to sanitize your earbuds once a week and before or after exchanging them with someone else in order to prevent the risk of infection.