House caring can be a bit challenging. However, not all of them always require the work of a professional. Sometimes, you can do the fixing yourself, which help you take better care of your living space and save a lot of money. Here are some simple repair jobs that you can do:

Drawer slide

Drawer slides


If you have to use all your power to pull this thing out or to push it back in, the problem might lie in the sliding track. If you don’t want pull it apart sooner or later, then you should do something about it. What you should do is replacing the drawer slide with the exact new one. This consists of unscrewing the bolt on the old one and screw the new one right on it. Remember to align them with the old ones, otherwise, the drawer can’t slide open.

Cracks on driveway

These cracks will make your driveway look hideous and, if left for prolonged period, they might become bigger. To fix this, clear the cracks of dirt or debris and any weeds inside, vacuum with small nozzle or herbicide should do it. After that, fill the crack with sand and pack it tight. Then add a crack filter or cold patch. Lastly, seal the driveway so that all of your work does not go in vain.

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sink


Two common problems can happen with this, either the sink is clogged or there is leakage on the pipe. As for the former, you just have to unscrew the pipe underneath and drag everything in it out. This will let the water drain freely again.

For the latter, you can either patch the leak part using black tape or you can replace it with a new one. Just unscrew the white rings (technical term P strap), take it out, put the new one in and screw it back on.

Holes on walls

This is due to drilling and hammering nails into the wall to hang pictures or something. These can make your house look aesthetically unpleasant. To fill up these holes, create a mixture of Portland cement, lime and sand. Mix them thoroughly and stuff them into the hole and use sandpaper to flatten the surface. The finished product might not match the color of your wall but with time, it will.

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