Hair care


Hair care is a job that requires a lot of factors you have to know how to care for hair and fit properly. Please visit us to know more about hair care, hair straightener using like. In this article, I will share some of the steps to take care of you

  1. Wash Your Hair Properly

    Hair care trimmed


Before shampooing, you should comb the hair to tangle support. Besides, let’s focus on the selection of shampoo, shampoo for hair bleaching or dedicated purple shampoo for colored hair, away from shampoos containing sulfate. The bottom line after the first three weeks of hair remover is less shampoo and one bottle of shampoo air-dry in a bag for use in emergencies. The shampoo is alternating between purple and additional protein shampoo and shampoo scalp carefully as a hint or.

  1. Care Hair Trimmed

Hair bleach causes side effects from chemicals that dull hair and brittle, dry hair ends will be tangled, fibrosis. Just trim the tail hair cut regularly and choose the type of hair facing in will add thick, smooth. When fixing hair, you should avoid bleaching the hair was bleached previous section that only correct color for new roots to grow out.

  1. Limit High Temperatures



You should limit the impact of heat on the hair after bleaching. Your hair this time will be very weak, you should roll the hair and wide-brimmed hat to protect hair when out in the sun. To dry natural hair after shampooing, avoid thermal straightening or curling hair bleached a few weeks later. You can make your natural curly styles without using heat from tools or hairdresser and left overnight.


  1. Incubation and Hair Care

According to research from the experts, the use of chemicals on hair loss resilience of the hair up to 61%. If you want to maintain color and dyed hair and makes the hair smooth, you need to restore damaged hair using hair care center, or simply that you should mask the hair at home. The hair-care center not only creates beautiful hair samples but also help restore hair care and broken after bending, stretching, dyeing. The treatments will be done at the salon perfect, as well as detailed instructions on how to do the most for you to make at home

Towel and incubation



  1. Change The Towels Often

Equip yourself a good super absorbent towel is never a bad idea. New absorbent towels faster and makes you strong restriction to his hair when dry, to avoid damage to the hair and reduce hair breakage quantity and condition of the hair tangled fibers

Finally, if you still have the intention to change hair color, hair style should go to a reputable salon where the use of quality hair products, hair restoration featuring hair without breakage or fall on condition more corrupt.

A Simplest Method for Hair Care At Home

Dry hair: If your hair is dry kind, “do you try beer shampoo. Of course, then you have to wash with water if not smelling hair.

Homemade conditioner: Mix half a cup of honey with 25% glass of olive oil, for one moment, then apply to hair, tempering it with a plastic cap for 30 minutes and then shampoo as usual shampoo.

Greasy hair: Mix a banana and one teaspoon of honey. Wet your hair with warm water and rub this mixture all over the hair. Then tempering it by a plastic cap and wrap a towel outside. You leave it for an hour and then wash the head.