Camping is a great way for family members to spend some quality time together, especially after a long time of studying or working. Despite parents’ good intentions, some camping trips end up being a total disaster for the family because of the lack of preparation. After reading this article, I can assure that it will never happen to you. Here are some useful tips for a perfect family camping trip.




Plan this at least one week in advance and try setting it on a calendar so that you won’t forget it. Many people will

Camping with friends

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probably have the same intention as you so it is better to set out early to avoid traffic and to set up your campsite before it gets dark.

Inviting friends

A camping trip with just your family is good but a trip with another family you know is much better. This will help everyone get to know each other and the kids will have someone else to play with. That way, there will always be something to do and no one will get bored.

Gear preparation

You will need to make a list of what you really need to bring along and try to make it as short as possible as your car space is limited. For example, a tent is a must-have item. If you go on a trip with 8 other people then you will need at least a 10 person tent in order to accommodate them all. Please use our checklist below to help you.

Camping gears


Food preparation

Unless you are really good at hunting or fishing, you should prepare everything at home. Find out how much you will need, what types of food you can prepare right at home (marinating the meat, cutting the vegetable into edible pieces, etc.). After that, think of how you will serve them for each meal and remember to bring condiments and utensils as well.